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Bettering mental health treatment with innovative technologies.

Curabit came into being with a mission to empower mental health professionals with tools that help them identify and treat mental health problems more effectively and accurately.

The efforts of the team at Curabit are carefully crafted around the research and experimentation conducted in the field by experts and the team itself. We are constantly pushing towards solidifying our systems towards delivering maximum efficacy. Apart from efficacy, the team is categorically evaluating the societal impact and benefits of our services to the therapist.

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Reduction of treatment time

Seeking mental health treatment is known to be costly and is charged per session. Reduction in time of treatment is directly proportional to the cost the patient bears.


Accommodation of additional patients

In the time saved by VRET, therapists can accommodate additional patients. This could potentially encourage more people to seek help.

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Awareness on mental health issues

Mental health awareness is especially low amongst people of India. VR is a tool that can help us beat the stigma by making therapy feel less intimidating.


The Resolution Project's

Social Venture Challenge 2021


Ranked among Top 50 Healthcare Start-ups

at ZS Prize 2021

Meet the Founders

A venture founded by Rishabh Nanawati and Aman Sariya, Curabit was stirred up by a conversation between the two in the college canteen during university days.

Their motivation has been their fascination for psychology and commitment to using tech for good.


Backed by brilliant mentors, a global organization and a great team, Curabit has developed collaborations with several psychologists across India and is currently developing several VR simulations in the treatment of prominent psychological disorders.

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